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Efficient blowing with compressed air in the steel and aluminum industries

Blowing with compressed air is an effective way of improving the quality of the end product in both hot and cold rolling mills. Compressed air can be used to remove emulsion, water and scale from the surface of the rolled material. It can also be used for cooling and drying. Silvent InTech, Silvent’s global division whose focus is on quality improvements in the steel and aluminium industries, has extensive experience in applications and methods for efficient blowing with compressed air.

Two good reasons for blowing with compressed air in rolling mills

To meet industry’s tough, demanding environment, Silvent has created unique air nozzles and air knives specially designed for use when rolling steel and aluminum. Silvent’s air nozzles and air knives for blowing with compressed air are designed to increase the application efficiency and improve the quality of the rolled material.


Improving steel quality and reducing the amount of scrap

In order to qualify as a supplier of rolled steel and aluminum products to demanding customers in e.g. the automotive industry, a focus on surface finish has become increasingly important to many companies in this sector. Thanks to its expertise and many years of experience, Silvent InTech is able to provide solutions to achieve better surface finishes in rolled products with the aid of compressed air blowing. Silvent technology is applied throughout in hot and cold rolling mills regardless of a product’s final size and shape. With a well-thought-through, controlled application of blowing with compressed air in the production process, it’s possible in many cases to achieve significant improvements in surface finish on the end product. This leads to fewer customer claims, reduced material consumption and better profitability.


Extensive, unique application experience within the steel and aluminum industries

Silvent’s engineers have a unique fund of knowledge of applications in both hot and cold rolling mills. Silvent InTech engineers often work in the field with our customers, as many of the applications are complicated. In every application, optimized solutions are based on blowing force, blowing pattern, blowing distance and blowing angle. Silvent’s engineering team at our head office in Borås works to ensure that every drawing and technical proposal optimizes Silvent technology. Silvent InTech is proof of Silvent’s ability to offer so much more than just products.

Silvent - Patented Air Technology

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Air nozzles and air knives for blowing with compressed air with extremely high blowing forces

It’s extremely important in the steel and aluminum industries to use high-quality equipment that can withstand both wear and heat. Silvent has therefore developed robust, heat-resistant nozzles for blowing with compressed air. All InTech products have high blowing forces, which are often necessary for improving efficiency in rolling mills.


Air nozzles developed for the steel and aluminum industries

Blowing with compressed air in the steel and aluminum industries often requires extra high blowing force. Silvent has therefore developed air nozzles especially for blowing in the metal industry. Blowing forces, blowing patterns and materials are adapted to withstand the demanding environment process in the steel and aluminum industries. For example, Silvent’s strongest air nozzle, the SILVENT 780 LA, was developed in collaboration with one of the world’s leading rolling mills.


Air knives developed for the steel and aluminum industries

To meet industry requirements, Silvent has developed an air knife with very high blowing force, called the SILVENT AirPlow. The air plow is available in two versions; Silvent AirPlow and the latest and updated version Silvent AirPlow 2.0. The AirPlow is configured by Silvent’s engineers and adapted to suit each specific application to ensure the best possible result based on the customer’s needs and requirements. All air plows are tested by Silvent in Sweden before delivery.


When you order a custom air plow, Silvent’s engineers create a unique solution, which is presented in a report. The report includes:

  • Comments regarding the existing solution
  • Presentation of the new air knife and technical information
  • Cad drawing
  • Information on how the air knife must be installed
  • Suggestions for accessories that can make the application easier

In addition to Silvent’s expertise, experience and the product report, we include full technical support in respect of blowing force, blowing pattern, blowing distance, blowing angle and support during installation. Silvent’s engineers will be glad to help create an air plow that meets your requirements. Begin by answering the 6 questions in our checklist.

Silvent - Patented Air Technology

Find the correct solution for your industry!

We’ll be glad to help you with a proposal to improve your application. Begin by answering the 6 questions below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
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AirPlow technology

Silvent has created an air plow designed to streamline blowing with compressed air in the steel and aluminum industries and to improve the quality of the end product.


V-shaped or straight model

The SILVENT AirPlow can be ordered in two different versions, straight or V-shaped. The straight model is recommended primarily for applications with limited installation space. Both models make use of the optimal V-plow angle to blow from the middle of the object out toward the edges. This allows e.g. the effective removal of emulsion from the surface.


Adjustable at different angles

To make optimizing the air plow easier, the blowing angle and air jet direction can be adjusted on installation. The design facility states air plow installation and allows the operator to easily adjust and adapt blowing clean for the best effect in the process concerned.


Sectioning according to cover width

Silvent’s air plow also enables compressed air blowing in sections depending on the width of the rolled material. Blowing with compressed air can thus be optimized and used more efficiently. It’s also possible to adjust the blowing width to ensure a good result.

Installing air plows in steel and aluminum mills

Air plow installation is important for ensuring an efficient, quality result. When installing, we advise following the recommendations found in the product manual for each individual air plow.

The blowing distance and blowing angle are often crucial for results. The air plow’s design, with integrated blowing angle adjustment, makes optimizing air jet direction easier.

Because compressed air supply is critical for air plow performance, it’s important to use the right size air lines and make sure that connectors and connections do not choke the air supply. Compressor plant capacity in terms of pressure and flow rates must be ensured.

It’s also important that the air plow be installed such that the air jet can freely reach the surface intended for blowing clean. Surrounding equipment and any shields must be designed such that they do not interrupt air jet diffusion. Silvent InTech’s engineers will be happy to help with tips and recommendations.


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