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Our products and expertise provide improved manufacturing processes, lower energy consumption and a better work environment.

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Our products

Products for blowing with compressed air, which streamline the manufacturing process, reduce energy consumption and improve the working environment in the manufacturing industry.

Air Nozzles

Silvent air nozzle X07.
Efficient, quiet air nozzles for blowing with compressed air.
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Air Knives

Silvent air knife 396-W-S.
Air knives that generate a broad, effective compressed air jet.
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Air blow guns

Silvent air blow gun Pro One
Safe, silent and efficient air blow guns for blowing with compressed air.
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Air blow guns – high blowing force

Air blow gun with high blowing force; 767-L.
Quiet and safe air blow guns with high blowing force.
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Pneumatic Mufflers

Silvent pneumatic muffler SIS-03.
Pneumatic muffler for pneumatic valves with integrated warning indicator.
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Unique research and technical expertise in the field of compressed air dynamics. Browse our products that help manufacturing companies to optimize energy consumption and improve the work environment.
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