Why do our customers use Silvent?

Three different industries, three different answers.

There are many reasons why our customers choose to use Silvent products for blowing with compressed air. But in most cases it’s down to their wanting to improve the manufacturing process. Our customers can be found in a variety of industries and we have extensive experience when it comes to blowing applications. We always start with our customers’ objectives when presenting our solutions for delivering the best results. Here are three examples of how we help our customers.

Improves efficiency

Many applications for blowing with compressed air are inefficient, and this can impact the entire manufacturing process. A European truck manufacturer uses our products to improve efficiency. The manufacturer has production in many different fields, such as foundries and metalworking. Their employees continually evaluate the manufacturing process to identify areas for improvement and automation. They often buy our newly launched products for tests and evaluation in order to find new competitive advantages.

We help the truck manufacturer reduce production time as well as energy consumption. In recent years, our products have been used in all of the truck manufacturer’s production facilities.

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Why Snickarlaget in Sweden uses Silvent's products

Zero vision for industrial injuries

Blowing with compressed air can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. A world-leading paper mill that focuses on safety chose to install our products as part of its safety efforts. The mill has been working on a zero vision for industrial accidents for many years. Although paper production is automated, industrial accidents are a major problem. Usually, accidents occur in stressful circumstances, when employees act without thinking about safety. Accordingly, we have developed a product specifically for paper mills, to minimize the risk of injuries.

We’re helping the paper mill improve safety for operators. The company has used our products for 20 years.

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Reducing energy use and environmental impact

Compressed air is very energy-intensive, resulting in high costs and negative environmental impact. When an American steel mill wanted to gain a better understanding of how to reduce its energy consumption, it contacted us. Steel manufacturing is one of the most energy-intensive manufacturing processes in the world. The steel mill had begun its energy reduction efforts ten years earlier with in-house training together with Silvent. They felt it was important for all employees to understand the huge cost of production and its negative impact on the environment.

Today, we not only supply products to the steel plant, but also provide training for employees on new applications and products designed specifically for the steel industry. We’re helping the steel plant achieve enormous energy savings. Our products have also improved the applications, which has led to higher quality sheet metal.

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Silvent - Patented Air Technology

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