Item number: 70200169111, 70200269111

  • 2" Pneumatic muffler with indicator

SILVENT SIS-20: Silvent's pneumatic mufflers are designed to handle sensitive systems with large flows that require minimal flow restriction. The mufflers are compact in size, provide extremely effective noise suppression and feature a built-in warning indicator that immediately shows any increase of backpressure in the system. The unique filter material is divided into numerous "noise traps" or cells and gives extremely good muffling with minimal flow restriction. These pneumatic mufflers are also suitable for continuous flow applications and can be used as a central muffler for several pneumatic valves. A built-in oil trap collects airline oil for draining and prevents oil mist exhaust. The mufflers are available in two sizes, 1 inch and 2 inch, and reduce noise levels 40-45 dB(A). They are supplied with a mounting bracket.

Technical specifications

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Instructions for use

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Flow chart for pneumatic muffler SIS-20

The diagrams show flows and back pressure for different system pressures for each SIS pneumatic muffler. The values in italics state in mm (inches) how much the silencer is triggered. Values range from zero to a maximum recommended triggered mode. where the warning indicator becomes visible.