Cool with compressed air

Blowing with compressed air can be a good alternative when cooling, to get an even and controlled process or when avoiding liquid in the cooling process. Silvent has also developed a unique cooling air nozzle, SILVENT F 1, to facilitate fast, efficient spot cooling.

Application examples

Cooling of the trundle

The cooling nozzle SILVENT F 1 has a unique technology that has been developed for spot cooling. The air nozzle is cooling the trundle, to remove the unwanted heat when cutting the metal, while the metal chips are blown away.

Cooling of the trundle with air nozzle.
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Customer case

Cooling when cutting metal

Industry: Home appliances and electronic components
The company used blowing with compressed air when cutting metal to cool components and blow away swarf. Open pipes are the most common method of blowing with compressed air in industry, which causes high sound levels due to the turbulent air jets. Blowing with compressed air is one of the biggest sources of noise in the manufacturing industry.

Five SILVENT 011 air nozzles were installed to improve the application. On installation, the blowing distance and blowing angles were precisely adjusted for the best possible cooling without generating high sound levels when e.g. blowing across sharp edges. It was also possible to remove the swarf more efficiently.

By replacing the open pipes with Silvent air nozzles, it was possible to reduce the sound level in cooling. The nozzles reduced the turbulence from blowing with compressed air, which led to lower sound levels.

Cooling when cutting metal with several ar nozzles.

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