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Item number: 70050169097, 70050269097

SILVENT SIS-05: Silvent's new series of pneumatic mufflers offers extremely effective noise reduction, compact size and a unique and patented warning system. The muffler's warning indicator gives early warning that backpressure in the system is too high. Maintenance personnel can both see and hear (by an elevated sound level) that it is time to replace the muffler before costly and unnecessary operation disturbance occurs. Since the warning indicator extends when it is pressed out, it is also possible to use electronic monitoring to stop the machine for muffler replacement. These pneumatic mufflers provide noise reduction of 30-35 dB(A). Silvent offers four different dimensions.

Technical specifications

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Instructions for use

Read Silvent Group General Instructions for Use before you install the product.

Pneumatic muffler SILVENT SIS-05

1. Indicates clogging

Clearly indicates when the muffler’s filter is clogged before problems begin to occur in the pneumatic system.

One pneumatic muffler indicating that it is time to replace the muffler.

2. Minimizes back pressure

The two-chamber system reduces back pressure as the expansion volume increases and the new filter is exposed.

3. Maintaining high working capacity

Pneumatic mufflers are self-regulating in relation to back pressure, which means that the working capacity of the machine is maintained.