Item number: 09100149177, 09100249177

  • Stainless steel rearward blowing nozzle

SILVENT 910: back-blow nozzle used for blowing clean inside pipes or channels. Cleaning out pipe during and after tooling has always been a problem. Blowing clean using conventional methods is impossible as chips are blown further into the pipe rather than out. SILVENT 910 can handle blow-out of pipe with diameters from 25 mm (1") up to 100 mm (4"). The nozzles are based upon and manufactured in accordance with Silvent's patents, which means that both noise level and air consumption are kept to a minimum.

Noise reduction 19 dB(A)

Energy savings 31.8 scfm

Technical specifications

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Instructions for use

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Principle sketch

Principle sketch SILVENT 910.