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Item number: 02090169145, 02090269145

SILVENT 209 L-S: made of stainless steel with 1/4” male thread. Withstands high ambient temperatures and suitable for applications involving mechanical wear. SILVENT 209 L-S is part of a new generation of patented Laval nozzles. It is a refinement of Silvent’s 208 and 209 nozzle series and represents an entirely new phase in blowing technology. The effect is achieved by surrounding a core jet moving at supersonic speed with a protective sheath of air running parallel to the direction of the central stream. There is a mix of divergent slots and holes around the Laval orifice that generates a quiet, powerful and laminar air flow. This nozzle provides extremely efficient blowing that utilizes your compressed air optimally.

Noise reduction 69%

Energy savings 43%


Technical specifications

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Instructions for use

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