Item number: 50250139223, 50250239223

  • Hole blower

SILVENT BG-007: hole-blower that replaces conventional air blow guns when cleaning out blind holes. Clean-out of blind holes generates extremely high and dangerous noise levels. BG-007 eliminates hazardous noise and collects flying chips and debris directly in a sealed container. This closed system ensures a cleaner, quieter, and safer working environment. Fitted with a specially designed rubber collar that completely seals off the hole during clean-out. The flexibility of the collar allows adjustment to the ergonomically correct working angle. The collection vessel is easy to empty and can be rotated 360°. Provides both top and bottom air supply connection.

Noise reduction 18 dB(A)

Energy savings 15.3 scfm

Technical specifications

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Instruction for use

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Hole blowing

Drawing of BG-007 and how the hole blowing works.