Item number: 590020169330, 590020269330

  • Flat nozzle (ZYTEL)

SILVENT 59002W: an air blow gun fitted with an energy-efficient flat nozzle that generates a strong, efficient blowing force at an exceptionally low noise level. Compressed air is optimally used in this air blow gun, which through its unique design introduces a completely new blowing technology feature. The aerodynamic nozzle design achieves the effect by maximizing entrainment of air. Each orifice is also uniquely designed to optimize the entrainment area. The air nozzle is made exclusively of Zytel, a high-performance material without which the unique and truly complex Laval orifices would not be possible. These small orifices combined with the aerodynamic slots of the nozzle provide high efficiency. This air blow gun is ideal for quickly and efficiently blowing surfaces clean without risk of scratches.

Noise reduction 22 dB(A)

Energy savings 21.8 scfm

Technical specifications

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Instruction for use

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