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Nous rencontrer

Rencontrez certains de nos employés chez Silvent.

Florin Salop

Senior Account Manager, Silvent UK, Birmingham, United Kingdom

“It’s a great place to be. It’s a different type of business than anything else in Europe, I would say.”

Ghislain Habib

Manager, Silvent South Europe, Villeneuve Loubet, France

“Everyone can grow, everyone can be successful, from were ever you came from, whom ever you are – you can grow within the company.“

Anthony Sobczak

Global InTech Sales Director, Silvent North America, Portage, USA

“At Silvent I have found a family, this environment is an extremely loving, committing, loyal place to work.”

Massimo Bulgarelli

Senior Account Manager, Silvent Italia Srl, Verona, Italy

“In Silvent every person and every job are important. Everybody trusts each other.”

Yaron Krol

Account Manager, Silvent Benelux, Heerlen, Netherlands

“Silvent is not really like any other company, you get involved with people very quickly and they really have resources to help you succeed and develop yourself.”

Therese Johannison

Financial Department, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

“It feels like a big company due to the offices around the world and the worldwide sales market, but still small enough so each of the employees really feels like they play an important role in the company.“

Anton Olander

Technical Director, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

“I would describe Silvent as a company with a real go-ahead spirit, that really gives you freedom with responsibility.”

Marcin Piwowarski

, Silvent Polska, Warsaw, Poland

"I was amazed by the people that work here, because everybody is goal oriented, focus and everybody wants to be the best. But at the same time they really want to help you to become better, so you can be one of the best people."

Maria Romero

Account Manager, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

"For me it is, thinking always, to look for the best and optimal solution in terms of air consumption and noise."

Sara Passinmäki


"Silvent is a company that cares about its employees, and at Silvent I can feel that I can make a difference and I am part of something special."

Mariusz Brendel

Account Manager, Silvent Northern Europe, Borås, Sweden

"Silvent is different compared to other companies I have worked for, because Silvent wants you to be successful, they allow you to think and take own decisions – that’s the big difference."

Bob Dietzenbacher

Account Manager, Silvent Benelux, Heerlen, Netherlands

"The qualities I look for in a company are; that I can expect some personal trust, within the company - to me and to colleagues. I also want to get the feeling of growth, potential, in the company."

Michael Stadler

Account Manager,

"The qualities I look for in a company are; a good working environment, an respectful interaction with each other, and a place where I want to enter with a good feeling and to leave it with a good feeling as well."

Anton Bengtsson

Business Development, Silvent Central Europe, Salzburg, Austria

“We are almost like a family. i would recommend others to apply for a job at silvent if they are goal oriented persons.”

Ulf Persson

Operations Development Director, Silvent Northern Europe, Borås, Sweden

“There are always a lot of possibilities within the company to develop yourself.”

Karolina Johansson

Sales & Logistics Support, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”A new challenge every day. new experiences, new opportunities to grow with the company and that makes it exciting to go to work every day.”

Carina Svedberg

Marketing Manager, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”To work at Silvent is like taking part in an exciting journey.”

Josefin Andersson

Information Officer, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”Silvent is a company where new ideas are encouraged and where you feel important and appreciated.”

Russell Lane

, Silvent UK, Birmingham, England

”Silvent is a pretty progressive company. if something needs to be done its done right away.”

Peter Svensson

Mechanical Engineer,

”The best thing working at Silvent is personal freedom under responsibility and also the fact that we work together almost like a family.”

, Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden