Item number: AP02000000

  • Air plow for the steel and aluminum industry

The SILVENT AirPlowTM 2.0 was designed for demanding blowing applications and is a development of Silvent’s previous plow model. The new patented design allows optimisation of the blowing angle and direction, and simplifies installation and adjustment of the blowing application. The air plow is also equipped with the latest blowing technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
The air plow is mainly used in rolling mills for steel, aluminum and other metals, but can also be used in other applications where high blowing force and a wide contact area are required. The air plow creates a V-shaped air jet that efficiently blows liquid and loose particles away from the surface.
The latest generation of the Silvent air plow has been improved in several areas. Updates are based on practical experience from applications and product development. The SILVENT AirPlowTM 2.0 boasts unique new air nozzles, which together with the patented design, optimise the plow to provide the best possible results.

Technical specifications

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Instructions for use

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Air plow for the steel and aluminum industry

Features AirPlow 2.0.

1. Divider nozzle APDN15
Using the latest manufacturing technology, we have designed a divider nozzle with separate Laval holes in three directions. This results in a pronounced V-shaped air jet that boosts plowing force with better energy efficiency than before.

2. Blow-off nozzle APN05
This blow-off nozzle was designed to achieve a flat, wide air jet for increased energy efficiency and a lower sound level. The nozzle’s low-profile provides for small installation dimensions and a protected position in the overall design.

Silvent air nozzle APN05.

3. Integrated swivel connections
All connections on the air plow have a swivel function, which means the connection nipple can rotate freely in relation to the rest of the structure. This makes it easier to install connection pipes or hoses.

4. Sections
The air plow is modular internally, making it easier to configure sections for different cover widths. This means the air blowing through each section can be turned on or
off, which is very useful for energy optimization in rolling mills where the required cover width varies.