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Education in Silvent's showroom.

About us

Silvent is short for Silencium Ventum, which is Latin for silent wind. Since its foundation in 1989, the company’s goal has been to optimize the use of compressed air and improve working conditions for those who work with it every day.

Silvent around the world

Today, Silvent’s products are used in 96 countries. Our air blow guns, air knives, air nozzles, pneumatic mufflers and customized solutions for blowing with compressed air are used by leading manufacturers and well-known brands such as General Motors, Volvo, Toyota, Tetra Pak, Samsung, Baosteel, Kimberly-Clark and SKF.

Research and development

Silvent’s highly skilled employees possess unique leadingedge expertise in blowing with compressed air. This knowhow, together with Silvent’s patented products, not only helps companies save considerable amounts of expensive compressed air, but also improve the working environment for operators all over the world – an unbeatable combination according to many of Silvent’s satisfied customers.

Silvent’s headquarters is located in Sweden, which is also home to its R&D department. Major resources are invested in the development of new products. This work is often carried out in close collaboration with customers and users. All manufacturing and product assembly takes place in Sweden.


Our application engineers are always ready to provide advice and tips on how to apply Silvent technology in your company. Today, we have experience from every kind of industry. We offer support all the way from first contact until the application is installed and ready to go.

Girl wearing hearing protection.

Our vision and mission statement

Our vision
Our vision is that everyone shares our passion for working environments and energy optimization.

Mission statement
The Silvent Group develops innovative, energy-efficient products of high quality that improve working environments and create added value for our customers.

Silvent´s world-leading products and knowledge are available globally and provided according to our customers´ preferences.

Facts about Silvent

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Centers of excellence are located in Sweden, the United States, China, France, United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Poland.
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"Silvent helps manufacturing companies optimize energy consumption and improve the work environment. Our headquarters is in Sweden, where all research and development takes place. The company has unique skills and know-how within the field of compressed air dynamics. "
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Holder of several world patents in the fields of compressed air dynamics and ergonomic design
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All research, development and manufacturing takes place in Sweden.
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Part of the Lifco Group, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.
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Our products have received awards such as Red Dot Product of the Year, IDEA and Plastovation of the Year
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Meet our people

Florin Salop

Senior Account Manager, Silvent UK, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Anthony Sobczak

Global InTech Sales Director, Silvent North America, Portage, USA