What will happen in the future?

We have talked to our Technical Director, Rasmus Tibell, about coming future and the technical development. He made some good points that made us realize the irony of the implications some developments can have.


What do you think about our future and the technology?
I believe that the technology will affect our lives more and more. First and foremost, we will see a lot more technical aids that will make our society more convenient and effective. The technology itself will also be the key to further refinement and further development of our existing technology. Unfortunately, I also believe this to be a disadvantage to some extent. Focusing on further development of all the aids, and not on new inventions, contributes to the human brain probably using less of its logical and creative functions. More technical aids form us into users and knowledge that was necessary before including the ability to understand how and why things work becomes unnecessary and then the ability to create new things of course decreases.

What do you hope we will see in the future regarding the technology?
Humankind rapidly destroys our planet and consumes Earth’s resources as we rapidly become more and more. Innovations that break this development is of course most important and unavoidable for mankind further existent. I would like to see new inventions such as new ecofriendly energy sources, new ways to store and transform energy with much higher efficiency.

Can you see any new trends?
Yes, our daily lives become more and more virtual. Almost all virtual technology strives for imitating and reproducing reality as veridical as possible, at the same time the reality is right next to us.

Rasmus Tibell, Technical Director, Silvent.

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