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Silvent 2220-L

SILVENT 2220-L – 2280-L: fitted with a bendable hose that can be formed to the desired position and a new generation of Laval nozzle. Perfect for applications that are hard to reach with conventional air guns. Available in lengths from 200 mm (7.87”) to 800 mm (31.50”).
Noise reduction 69%
Air/cost savings 43%


SI units US units  
Blowing force3.4 N12.0 oz
Air consumption17 Nm³/h10.0 scfm
Sound level78 dB(A)
Blowing patternLaval
Connection typeFemale
Max temp70 °C158 °F
Max operating pressure0.7 MPa100.0 psi


Replace open pipe4 mm5/32 inch
Noise reduction [dB(A)]17 dB(A)69 %
Air/cost savings [Nm³/h]13 Nm³/h43 %


Perfect for demanding applications
Equipped with an extension pipe, these guns are ideal for applications that are hard-to-reach or hazardous for the operator. A properly dimensioned extension pipe protects the face from dangerous flying debris and spattering, and allows the user to maintain a more ergonomically correct working posture.

Softgrip handle
These safety guns can be equipped with softgrip handles that are easy on the hand and insulate against both heat and cold.

Practical design
The 2000 grip is made of aluminum and is highly versatile, lightweight and user-friendly. It has a modern and practical design that can be fitted with various types of safety nozzles, extension pipes, safety accessories etc.