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Silvent 757-L

SILVENT 757-L: with a stainless steel Laval nozzle. A core stream traveling at supersonic speed surrounded by a protective sheath of air moving parallel to the central jet makes optimal use of your compressed air. Around the Laval orifice there are divergent slots that generate a quiet, powerful and laminar air stream. The blowing force is approximately 7 times that of an ordinary air gun. Despite the high blowing force, both the noise level and air consumption are low. This safety air gun is frequently used in the glass industry, paper mills, foundries, steel mills etc.
Noise reduction 80%
Air/cost savings 58%


SI units US units  
Blowing force20.0 N4.4 lbs
Air consumption113 Nm³/h66.5 scfm
Sound level93.1 dB(A)
Blowing patternLaval
ConnectionG 1/2" 1/2"-14 NPT
Connection typeFemale
MaterialStainless steel
Weight0.486 kg1.071 lbs
Max temp70 °C158 °F
Max operating pressure0.7 MPa100.0 psi


Replace open pipe12 mm1/2 inch
Noise reduction [dB(A)]23 dB(A)80 %
Air/cost savings [Nm³/h]153 Nm³/h58 %
Meet the EU Machine directivesYes

Blowing properties at different pressures

SI units (kPa)2004006008001000
Blowing force (N)8.015.924.032.239.9
Air consumption (Nm³/h)59.897.8129.6166.1200.9
Sound level (dB(A))86.991.494.697.098.2
US units (psi)406080100120
Blowing force (oz)39.559.078.598.9117.6
Air consumption (scfm)
Sound level (dB(A))90.391.894.395.296.2

Extension pipes in 5 lengths

  • Standard - 0 mm (0")
  • 500 mm (20”)
  • 1000 mm (40”)
  • 1500 mm (60”)
  • 2000 mm (80”)

The 750 series is available with four different extension pipe lengths. The extension pipes are made of aluminum. Indicate the length of the extension pipe you require last in the order number. Safety gun-extension pipe length: e.g. 757-L-1500.


Up to 12 times greater blowing force
The safety guns of the 750 series have up to 12 times stronger blowing force than ordinary air guns on the market today. Despite the high blowing force, both the sound level and energy consumption are low.

Durable construction
The 750 grip has been developed for jobs requiring high blowing power and working environments that demand a robust grip and valve construction. These guns can also be used when wearing work gloves and the grip is considerably more impact resistant than conventional guns. Commonly used in glass works, paper mills, foundries, steel mills, etc.

Thumb regulation
Thumb regulation is standard on the pistol handle to provide the most ergonomic grip. If desired, the handle can also be fitted with an extended trigger for hand regulation.