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Silvent 4020-LF

SILVENT 4020-LF: a unique product with Laval nozzle that combines highly concentrated blowing force with an easily maneuverable valve construction and low sound level. Its blowing force of 100 N (22.1 lbs) is twice that of the 4015-LF. The nozzle is made of stainless steel, making it suitable for use in practically any environment where extra high blowing force is required, e.g. the paper and manufacturing industries, steel mills etc. Features adjustable blowing force that is easily adjusted to any strength between 0 and 100 %. Fully complies with EU Machine Directive noise limitations and OSHA safety regulations.
Noise reduction 60%
Air/cost savings 54%


SI units US units  
Blowing force100.0 N22.1 lbs
Air consumption532 Nm³/h313.1 scfm
Sound level118 dB(A)
Blowing patternLaval
ConnectionG 3/4" 3/4"-14 NPT
Connection typeFemale
MaterialStainless steel
Weight1.075 kg2.370 lbs
Max temp70 °C158 °F
Max operating pressure0.7 MPa100.0 psi


Replace open pipe25 mm1 inch
Noise reduction [dB(A)]13 dB(A)60 %
Air/cost savings [Nm³/h]627 Nm³/h54 %
Meet the EU Machine directivesYes

Blowing properties at different pressures

SI units (kPa)2004006008001000
Blowing force (N)0.072.6125.9174.8229.4
Air consumption (Nm³/h)0.0399.0657.0912.01193.0
Sound level (dB(A))0.0113.0120.0122.0124.0
US units (psi)406080100120
Blowing force (oz)0.0269.4411.6537.1676.1
Air consumption (scfm)0.0241.1358.6467.9592.1
Sound level (dB(A))0.0113.5119.6119.8121.5

Extension pipes in 2 lengths

  • 500 mm (20”)
  • 1000 mm (40”)

The 4000 series is available with two different extension pipes. Custom lengths are available upon request. Choosing the right length is important to attain maximum safety and the best working posture. Specify the length of the extension pipe you require last in the order number. Safety gun-extension pipe length: e.g. 4020-LF-1000.


Safe and easily maneuverable
The valve is power-steered, making it easy to operate with just one hand. A light press of a thumb or finger is all that is needed.

The rubber insulation on the handle provides a firm grip while protecting the hand against both heat and cold.

“Dead man’s grip”
The valve features a ”dead man’s grip”, which means that it closes instantly if the handle is dropped.