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In 1933 Georges J. Ranque invented the vortex tube after accidentally discovering the phenomenon that compressed air could be divided into a warm air stream and a cold air stream. This discovery was improved upon by Rudolf Hilsch in 1947, and since then, not much more has happened until recently. Today vortex tubes can still be found in many different unnecessarily large sizes, all with similar performance. Compressed air is injected radially, air consumption is difficult to set and the noise level can be dangerously high. FRIGUS technology was developed to allow control of the air consumption by simply rotating the uniquely designed FRIGUS nozzle. The FRIGUS vortex generator contains eight separate Laval shaped paths. By rotating the FRIGUS nozzle, the area of these engineered paths changes, making it possible to control air consumption without affecting the RPMs of the air. Now, thanks to FRIGUS technology, it is possible to control the consumption of air relative to the degree of cooling you require without negatively affecting efficiency. This new development conserves energy in a way that was not previously possible. By using the latest materials and casting technology, the size of the FRIGUS is small and compact compared to other vortex tubes. In part, this is the result of compressed air being injected axially instead of radially. Inside the FRIGUS the rotating air is straightened and filtered to dramatically reduce the noise level. All this is accomplished without sacrificing refrigeration efficiency.