Cold rolling mill

remove emulsion with compressed air

Large quantities of water-based emulsion are added during the manufacturing process to lubricate and cool the rollers. Removing the emulsion is a top priority, since at worst can lead to scrapping of the entire steel coil. To improve the efficiency and improve the quality of the final product, Silvent developed a specially designed blowing application, SILVENT AirPlowTM.

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The SILVENT AirPlowTM are specially designed for steel industries with ruff environment and high quality demands. SILVENT AirPlow™ is the world’s most advanced type of air knife with a unique patented design and construction that offers a number of setting options for optimized blowing in demanding blowing applications.

The AirPlow, either an optimal V-shaped plow or a straight plow, pushes the water from the centre of the strip all the way out over the edge and away from the steel surface. The design of the AirPlow offers excellent opportunities to set the optimal blowing angle and direction for air flow, and considerably simplifies the installation and adjustability of the blow-off process. The well established Silvent air nozzle technology guarantees optimal utilization of compressed air energy, combined with low noise and highest possible safety standard.

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