"We make people grow."
Anders Erlandsson, CEO

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Anthony Sobczak, Sales Director Americas, Silvent InTech
Silvent North America, Portage, IN, USA

“A highly motivated group of individuals that can share their experience with me and I can share with them to give the customer the best solution.”


Karolina Johansson, Sales & Logistics Support
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”A new challenge every day. New experiences, new opportunities to grow with the company and that makes it exciting to go to work every day.”


Carina Svedberg, Marketing Manager
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”To work at Silvent is like taking part in an exciting journey.”


Anton Olander, Engineer
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”I face new challenges everyday. We have good team spirit and I feel involved in the company.”


Josefin Andersson, Information Officer
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”Silvent is a company where new ideas are encouraged and where you feel important and appreciated.”



Daniela Kurczynski, Senior Business Development North America
Silvent North America, Portage, IN, USA

“To work at Silvent is more like a career and a lifestyle change. It’s exciting!”



Ghislain Habib, Competence Center Manager
Silvent South Europe, Cagnes Sur Mer, France

”If I should describe Silvent in five words it would be, innovation, team work, growing, ambition and confidence.”



Russell Lane, Business Development
Silvent UK, Birmingham, England

”Silvent is a pretty progressive company. If something needs to be done its done right away.”



Peter Svensson, Mechanical Engineer
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”The best thing working at Silvent is personal freedom under responsibility and also the fact that we work together almost like a family.”



Rasmus Tibell, Technical Director
Silvent Headquarters, Borås, Sweden

”The best thing with my work is to be able to develope new products that doesn’t exist on the market.”