Five energy saving tips for businesses



We have talked to our customers, this is their top five tips on how to save energy.

1. Re-using heat
Sometimes waste heat can be re-used. Find out if the heat from any of the work processes can be
re-used to heat the building.

2. Regulating lighting
Big savings can be made through automatic light regulation. This can for example be made by installing a timer that regulates the light or by installing light occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on or off, depending on movement. Another good way to save energy is by changing to low energy lamps.

3. Energy audit
An energy audit helps the company to understand its energy usage and identify which part of the company demands most energy. This shows where the company should invest in solutions that demand less energy. This can mean big savings both in energy and money in the long term.

4. Internal incentives
It is important to educate and encourage everyone at the company to save energy. Everyone must work together towards the same goal and to ensure that all possible savings are made. If all employees are involved in efforts to save energy, it is easier to implement the project.

5. Turning off machines.
Make sure to turn off all machines and other equipment when they are not being used.