Open pipe vs. Silvent air nozzle

Compare the major differences between Silvent air nozzles and blowing with an open pipe in the table below, which is based on an eight-hour work day with blowing 5 days per week, year around. The cost of 1 Nm³ at 500 kPa is calculated to the nearest £0.013 Through practical application testing we have been able to compile a table that shows which nozzles perform the same job as an open pipe.



Open pipe Ø 10 mm (3/8″)Replaced with SILVENT 705 L
Number of hours per year:Number of hours per year:
52 weeks x 5 working days x 8 hours = 2,080 hours52 weeks x 5 working days x 8 hours = 2,080 hours
Cost per hour:Cost per hour:
185 Nm³ x £0.013 = £2.4195 Nm³ x £0.013 = £1.24
Annual operating cost = £5 013Annual operating cost =  £2 579