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SILVENT 300™ is a unique customized solution that provides you with access to the world’s leading application engineers for compressed air blowing. Ever since the company was founded, Silvent has developed customized air knives for all types of industries, from bakeries to paper mills. Over the years, our application engineers have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience about what works best in various industries. Designing a customized air knife that not only works optimally, but also consumes a minimal amount of compressed air and has a low noise level is more complicated than you might think.

SILVENT 300™ Report


SILVENT 300™ is a collective term used for all of Silvent’s customized solutions. Each SILVENT 300™ proposal is unique and is always presented in a SILVENT 300™ Report in which Silvent engineers comment on your existing equipment and suggest a new improved, completely customized solution. You will receive a drawing of the air knife, installation tips, suggestions for appropriate accessories and technical data for the air knife. Should you have any special requirements regarding what to include in the report, this can also be arranged. We want you to feel that investing in a SILVENT 300™ air knife is a secure and convenient process.

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