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#176. Cleaning sawdust and dust from MDF boards

To achieve good results when painting MDF boards, the surface must be completely free from sawdust and dust. The company's existing solution consisted of its own air knife and air nozzle designs, but it lacked knowledge about how to design efficient air knives. Thus, the existing solution meant e.g. high sound levels in violation of the company's policy, as it was actively engaged in reducing noise levels in production.

A custom air knife from Silvent was installed to reduce the high sound levels and optimize the use of compressed air. This also meant the supply pressure could be reduced significantly. Measurements carried out before and after the installation showed that noise levels were reduced by 10 dB(A), which the ear perceives as a halving of the sound level. The installation also led to energy savings of 25%.
The custom SILVENT 300 air knife was designed by Silvent engineers, who through their broad experience and expertise, are able to provide efficient blowing with compressed air. For maximum sound level reduction, it was necessary to adjust the blowing force, blowing pattern, blowing distance and blowing angle based on the unique application. It was also possible to adjust the supply pressure after installation, which meant additional savings.
Product: SILVENT 300