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#165. Drying machine parts after washing

To remove fluid after the wash, the company used blowing with compressed air. The problem with the blowing application was the company's use of open pipes, which generated a turbulent air jet. Open pipe installations are often oversized and are seldom preceded by any kind of technical dimensioning calculations. This results in high energy consumption and inefficient blowing with compressed air.

To solve the problem with the huge energy costs, the company replaced its four open pipes with air nozzles designed by Silvent's engineers. Silvent technology generates laminar air flow that entrains or draws the surrounding air with it. This resulted in annual savings of USD 28,400 and a return on investment of just 5 days.
Four SILVENT 9002W air nozzles were used to remove fluid from the machine components after washing. The air nozzles generated flat, sharp air cones that efficiently removed the fluid from the machine components. The engineer-designed air nozzles and well calculated dimensioning enabled the much more efficient use of expensive compressed air.
Product: 9002W