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Plastic and rubber products

Drying after a cooling process.


Production problems occurred because the water, which was used for cooling, was not removed from the product. The problem affected the entire production process and led to far too many costly production stops.


Cleaning carbon parts and blind holes from dust.

Dry cooling water.



Cleaning o-ring molding without scratching.


Drying after vulcanisation bath.


Transporting finished products after molding press.


Transporting parts in desired direction in mechanical feeders.


Drying parts in dimenisonnal and quailty control.


Cleaning after changing pigment for extrusion plastic.


Ejecting o-ring after thermo-setting molding.


Cleaning away chips from thermodur press mold.


Ejecting products from mold after molding press.


Ejecting products from mold after molding press.


Cleaning away cooling water after extrusion machine.


Cleaning away parts after molding in molding press.


Cleaning away powder after grinding operations in the finishing process.


Cooling and removing parts of plastic from molded products in the molding process.


Cooling products before quality control in molding press.