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Glass, concrete and plaster

Drying bottles after washing


The company had problems with the bottle drying process after washing. After washing, the bottles are checked to make sure that they are sufficiently dry. If the bottles are not approved when checked, they are sorted out as scrap. Initially, the company used a fan for drying the bottles. This led to problems, as the fan only moved large volumes of air with low blowing force. Because of this, the bottles did not dry sufficiently and were sorted out as scrap.


Drying water after cleaning.

Cleaning away glass chips.



Cooling mold in forming machine for tableware.


Cooling the bottom of the bottles in the formning machine.


Cleaning oven exit after cooking.


Cleaning production line after production.


Transporting smoke from forming machines for glass bottles.


Ejecting bottles in forming machine for glass bottles.


Ejecting toxic smoke from forming machines for glass bottles.


Cleaning away gypsum.


General cleaning.


Cleaning chips before packing area.


Cooling to hardening the glass stem in forming machines for wine glass.