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#13. Removal of bottles with incorrect weight. 

The Company used blowing with compressed air to simply and efficiently remove bottles that did not contain the correct amount of fluid. The bottles that did not meet the weight requirement were removed using compressed air blowing. The original solution used an open pipe for blowing with compressed air, which was not only energy-intensive, but also inefficient.

To streamline the removal process and reduce the use of compressed air, the American company installed an air nozzle. The flat air nozzle provided a wider blowing pattern and thus a wider contact area, which made removing the bottles easier. The nozzle also used compressed air more efficiently than the open pipe, which allowed the same work to be done with lower compressed air consumption.
Installing the SILVENT 971 F air nozzle reduced energy consumption and improved the performance of the application. The SILVENT 971 F air nozzle is fitted with flow control, which allowed the company to adjust the blowing force. Thus, the company was able to test regulate the blowing force until it was optimized for their particular application. This meant no more air than necessary was used, which reduced consumption and sound levels alike.
Product: 971 F