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Drying machine parts after washing


To remove fluid after the wash, the company used blowing with compressed air. The problem with the blowing application was the company's use of open pipes, which generated a turbulent air jet. Open pipe installations are often oversized and are seldom preceded by any kind of technical dimensioning calculations. This results in high energy consumption and inefficient blowing with compressed air.


Cleaning away chips

Cleaning away chips / transportations of details



Cleaning/ drying water in wahing machines


Cleaning blind holes in motors and machines.


Cleaning dust from finished product in deburring area.


Cleaning hard to reach areas in CNC machines.


Cleaning large honeycombs used in planes for strength and light weight.


Drying parts after rinsing.


Cleaning away debris from cnc machines.


Cooling and drying tools after shrink fit machine.


Cleaning before paint booth to avoid defects in the paint or powder coating.