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#159. Conveying leather for impregnation

The company used blowing with compressed air to convey leather in the impregnation process. An air ramp of their own design using drilled holes was installed to perform the work. The existing solution was energy-intensive and caused pressure-drop problems, which affected the efficiency of the entire production.

To reduce energy consumption and ensure a consistent blowing force, a Silvent custom air knife was installed. The air knife reduced turbulence, thus allowing the use of more of the air supply for efficient blowing. By using less air, it was also possible to rectify the pressure-drop problem, and this had a positive effect on other parts of production. In addition to energy savings, it was also possible to reduce the sound level in production.
The custom SILVENT 300 air knife was designed by Silvent engineers to optimize the application. By adapting the blowing force, blowing pattern, blowing distance and blowing angle to suit the application, energy consumption and the sound level in production were both reduced. It was thus possible to improve conveying both in terms of economics and the work environment.
Product: SILVENT 300