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#140. Blowing off steel sheet in a reversing cold rolling mill

An emulsion is applied for cooling and lubrication when cold rolling steel. If this emulsion is not removed after rolling, it can cause problems such as streaks, stains and rust on the surface of the steel. The company's existing solution failed to remove the emulsion satisfactorily. This affected the surface finish and led to deviations that were difficult to remedy afterwards. The deviations led to an increasing number of rejects, more material consumption and greater costs for the company.

The installation of a SILVENT AirPlow resulted in a significant improvement in the surface finish of the steel sheet. Blowing-off the steel with compressed air directly after rolling is a common method for achieving a clean, dry surface. The plow shaped blow-off was more successful in removing the emulsion from the center of the steel sheet all the way out to the edges. The amount of rejected material was reduced and all of the steel produced could be sent to the galvanizing process.
The Silvent AirPlow is specially designed to improve quality in the steel and aluminum industries. The high velocity of the steel sheet and the amount of emulsion means that the shape of the blow-off equipment is crucial for results. To provide the best possible results, Silvent's engineers make sure that all AirPlows are optimized to each application. The AirPlow also reduced overall energy consumption compared to the earlier solution.
Product: AIRPLOW