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#190. Conveying wallpaper in a machine

The company used an air ramp of its own design to move wallpaper forward through the manufacturing process. When guiding the wallpaper, it was important that it follow the roller to avoid problems and machine stoppages. Machine downtime due to production errors is both costly and inefficient.

The installation of a Silvent air knife made it possible to improve wallpaper conveying. The air knife made sure the wallpaper was blown down onto the roller and guided along in the production process without any problems. This reduced the number of costly machine stoppages caused by torn paper. Thus, the company was able to work more efficiently.
The custom SILVENT 300 air knife was designed by Silvent engineers to render the application more efficient. The air knife's blowing force, blowing pattern, blowing distance and blowing angle were customized for the application to make sure the wallpaper was blown down onto the roller. Installing the custom air knife reduced the problems in the manufacturing process.
Product: SILVENT 300