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Food and tobacco

Sorting out packaging with the wrong weight


Sorting out packaging that does not meet weight requirements is a common problem in the food industry. It was the cause of quality problems with deliveries to the consumer. The company's existing solution had insufficient pressure to sort out packaging that failed weight checks. They wanted to sort out packaging that weighed too much or too little.


Drying food tins as they roll upside down.

Cleaning away buscuits etc. from corrugating rolls.



Transporting dumplings down production line in dumpling machine.


Cleaning debris to lower fire hazard.


Cleaning silos between batches.


Cleaning crumbs on cracker line.


Remove empty bags.


Cleaning crumbs.


Drying and cleaning fruits and vegetables.


Drying outside of cans.


Drying the scale, used for weigh the correct portions before packing.


Cleaning the access.


General cleaning.


Cleaning bread tins from seeds and crumbs.