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#154. Cleaning away dust in a cartonboard machine before palletizing the sheets.

A great deal of paper dust was generated during final cartonboard cutting, which could affect the quality of the end product if not removed before packaging. It was therefore important for the company to blow away as much paper dust as possible from the end product in order to offer the highest quality to the end customer. Because carton size could vary, it was necessary to blow clean manually.

To remove the paper dust effectively, the company chose to install a custom air knife for blowing with compressed air. This made it possible to remove the paper dust from the sheet and maintain consistently high quality of deliveries to customers.
The end products varied in size which required the blow-off equipment to cover the entire machine width. This was made possible by means of a specially designed air knife, the SILVENT 300TM, with an adjustable blowing angle and a cover width encompassing the full width of the machine. This allowed blow-off to be carried out independent of product size.
Product: SILVENT 300