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Metal products

Separating sheet metal when cutting


To reduce the number of production stops, the company wanted to prevent more than one sheet being fed into the machine at the same time. It was therefore important to separate the sheets before infeed, as feeding in multiple sheets created problems in the cutting process.


Ejection of the products that does not pass the quality control.

Cleaning the sawing machine.



Cleaning away chips from conveyor roller in transfer machines.


Cleaning away chips at the exit of the transfer machines.


Ejection after stamping.


Transporting caps after stamping.


Drying cans to avoid rust during transportation.


Ejecting hot air to protect operator when forging press.


Ejecting mold after stamping.


Transporting parts in desired direction in mechanical feeders.


Cooling and cleaning away chips from transfer machines.


Ejecting the bottom of the cans from the stamping machine.