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#25. Sorting out packaging with the wrong weight

Sorting out packaging that does not meet weight requirements is a common problem in the food industry. It was the cause of quality problems with deliveries to the consumer. The company's existing solution had insufficient pressure to sort out packaging that failed weight checks. They wanted to sort out packaging that weighed too much or too little.

An air nozzle with flat blowing coverage was installed to resolve the problem. Because the packaging in the application was cylindrical, the time frame for point blowing with an open pipe was extremely short. This made it difficult to ensure a good result. A flat air nozzle provided a longer time frame and better blowing coverage. The blowing angle was also adjusted to improve the application further. The adjustment made it possible to inject a small amount of air into the package, which facilitated rapid, flexible removal.
A SILVENT 973 air nozzle was installed because of package weight variations. This reduced the number of packagings with the wrong weight that were incorrectly sorted after the weight check. At the same time, it was possible to reduce the sound level and energy consumption as the application was optimized for its purpose. This made sorting more effective. A SILVENT PSK 14 adjustable ball joint was installed just upstream of the air nozzle to enable precision blowing angle adjustment.
Product: 973