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Your application

SILVENT 300™ means that Silvent’s application engineers at the head office in Sweden will formulate a proposal for an air knife that is completely tailored to your application. The proposal is always presented in a SILVENT 300™ Report. In addition to a detailed drawing, this report includes all technical data, making SILVENT 300™ a secure and reliable solution. Below is a checklist of information required for the application engineers to be able to begin working with your application.


1. Description of the application

1.1 What type of application (e.g., cleaning, cooling, drying)?

1.2 What type of product is produced in the machine?

1.3 How large a surface needs to be blown?

1.4 What is the speed of production?


2. Objective – What is your top priority?

2.1 Improved quality

2.2 Lower noise level

2.3 Reduced energy consumption

2.4 Combination of the above

2.5 Other?


3. Existing equipment If it is a completely new application – continue to point 4.

3.1 Open pipe or drilled holes (how many, what size)?

3.2 Fluid nozzles or other nozzles (how many, what type)?

3.3 Size of air line?

3.4 System pressure?

3.5 Blowing distance?

3.6 Blowing angle?

Please attach a photo or video of your current equipment.


4. Limitations

4.1 What is the size of the air line currently near the machine?

4.2 Is it possible to increase the size of the air line?

4.3 What is the maximum system pressure?

4.4 Are there any limitations regarding where the air knife can be installed?

4.5 Does the air knife have to tolerate a certain temperature?

Is there any additional information, other than the above, that Silvent’s application engineers should know before they start working on your application?