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Air knives

Air knives are most commonly used to blow away liquids, grime, airborne debris, etc. from surfaces or objects. They can also be used for creating air curtains. What many people do not take into consideration is that operation of pneumatic devices is quite expensive. On an average, 70 percent of all compressed air is used for blowing. Blowing also causes hazardous noise levels.

Effective engineering of air knives requires knowledge and experience. We have this at Silvent. Our air knives are fully adapted to the individual application and customer need. Silvent air knives create a broad but narrow flow of air to achieve a pneumatic scraping effect without mechanical contact. All Silvent air knives feature the optimal combination of high blowing force, low energy consumption and low noise levels.

Choosing Silvent means that you obtain the market’s absolute best solution, including full technical support for blowing angle, blowing direction as well as tips for installation.



SILVENT AirPlow™ is the world’s most advanced type of air knife with a unique patented design and construction that offers a number of setting options for optimized blowing in demanding blowing applications. Silvent InTech, a division of the Silvent Group, works with customized solutions that are integrated in the manufacturing process for products such as sheet and plate. These products, which are completely adapted for each application, can be divided into three main groups: SILVENT AirPlow™, SILVENT Straight AirPlow™ and SILVENT AirBattery™.



The SILVENT 300™ series offers air knives designed by engineers at Silvent’s head office in Sweden based on each individual application. The air knives are completely adapted to the nature of the application and the wishes of the customer. The air knives are produced and tested at Silvent’s plant in Sweden before delivery to the customer. SILVENT 300™ is a stamp of quality that gives you peace of mind. Choosing SILVENT 300™ provides you with the best solution in the market, including support with information about issues such as installation and recommendations for blowing angles.



SILVENT 300 Z + is a modular system that allows you to build your own air knife with different blowing forces and lengths.


In-house manufactured air knife with SILVENT nozzles

Customers can also buy SILVENT nozzles and then build an air knife in-house. Note how the nozzles overlap to provide homogeneous air knife blowing patterns, since internal conflicts can be created when several nozzles are mounted.


SILVENT standard models of air knives

Silvent has developed several standard models of air knives including the 396, 378 and 366. These air knives are of good quality but can never be compared with the SILVENT 300™, since each application is unique and a standard model is seldom the optimal solution.


Our air knives

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Check list for your application

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Allows our application engineers to draw up a proposal for an air knife that is fully adapted to your application.

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